Distance runner Hellen Obiri is moving thousands of miles from her home in Kenya to pursue her marathon ambitions in 5000m race

Hellen Obiri
Hellen Obiri won a silver medal

When Hellen Obiri moves,000 kilometers from Kenya to Colorado latterly this time, she formerly knows she will miss some of the comforts of home.

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That includes Kenyan food and the country’s chief of ugali– a thick porridge made from sludge flour.
” Kenyans, we like eating ugali,” Obiri told CNN Sport.” I’ll have to find where she is going to make my Kenyan food over there( in the United States).”

A good ugali may hold the keys to successfully fueling the coming way of her distance- running career. Obiri, a two- time world champion over,000 measures, is contending her first ever marathon in New York latterly this time, ahead of which she’ll team up with a new trainer and new training group in Boulder, Colorado.

It’s common for distance runners to make the move from track to road racing towards the end of their careers, but less common to do so by moving half across the world in the way Obiri has guessed.

At the launch of this time, the 32- time-old joined On Athletics Club( OAC), an elite platoon grounded in Boulder and led by former distance runner Dathan Ritzenhein. She hopes to move to the US coming month in advance of contending the New York City Marathon on November 6.

” We have been wanting to move to the USA for training and to live there, so for me it’s not a delicate move,” Obiri, who’ll be grounded outside Kenya for the first time in her whole career, tells CNN.

” I suppose as an athlete and for mine family, I want to stay there to adapt well as soon as possible. It’ll take me two weeks at least to get adapt to it and catch up with my training over there.”

Hellen Obiri celebrating
Hellen Obiri celebrating

Boulder’s high- altitude, rolling trails and temperate climate make it an ideal position for distance runners. There, Obiri will join a fairly new platoon in OAC, which was launched by the Swiss sportswear brand On in 2020.

Under Ritzenhein’s guidance, Obiri has formerly started her marathon program and this week increases her training cargo from 180 to 200 kilometers of running per week. She begins the coming chapter in her career having established herself as one of the stylish,000 and,000- cadence runners in the world over the once five times.

Just last month, she won a tableware order in the,000 m at the World Athletics Crowns– clocking a particular stylish of 30 twinkles and 10 seconds– and has won,000 m tableware orders at the once two Olympic Games to go alongside her two world titles in the event.

Hellen Obiri racing
Hellen Obiri racing

What Hellen obiri Say to media

Her debut in New York will be the first index of how Obiri’s track- running birth translates over the26.2 long hauls of the marathon.
Starting on Staten Island, the grueling course undulates through New York’s five megalopolises before finishing down Fifth Avenue and into Central Park.

” For me, I want to train good because it’s my debut, and for sure, I am looking ahead to running a good race– I am looking ahead to running my own race with zero pressure and to finish well,” Obiri adds.
She says she’ll miss contending her favorite distance of,000 m but will not completely hang up her track harpoons with the switch to marathon handling.
” You can not move up to the marathon race without speed,” Obiri explains, adding that she hopes to stay sharp and clear by contending in,5000 m race in Kenya coming time.
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The immediate focus, still, is on getting settled with her family in the US. Obiri hopes, visa- depending, that her seven- time-old son, Tania, will move in time to watch the race in New York.
” She’s going to be so agitated to go outside the country,” says Obiri.” She actually watches utmost of my races and she’s so agitated about me winning some races over there.

Obiri’s son will not be the only one holding high prospects at the NYC Marathon. Kenyan athletes have dominated the event over the once decade with eight winners in the women’s race since 2010, and those watching back home will be hoping Obiri can add to that heritage.
But anyhow of how she performs, when she winds her way through New York’s five megalopolises in November, Obiri will gesture the launch of a new stage in her handling career and a new adventure for her family.

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