India China news – Chinese Research ship Yuan 5 Wang reaches Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port

Chinese ship yuan Wong, India china tensions
Chinese Ship Yuan Wang

A Chinese exploration boat docked at a southern Sri Lankan harborage Beijing leases from the government on Tuesday, officers said, despite security enterprises raised by India about the vessel’s presence in near waters. India-china relations are good.

Port workers at Hambantota gave an enthusiastic hello to the Yuan Wang 5, signaling Sri Lanka and China flags, while the boat displayed a large banner reading” Hello Sri Lanka.” India-china news read here

still, the boat’s appearance appears to have exacerbated pressures between New Delhi and Beijing, who have both spent billions of bones on development and deals with Sri Lanka, an islet of 22 million people that sits on a crucial trading route. India china news read here.

The Yuan Wang 5 had firstly requested authorization to dock at the harborage last week, but the visit was delayed after enterprises were raised about the boat’s presence, though India denied putting any pressure on Colombo.

China says the boat is used for scientific exploration, but the US Defense Department says the boat is under the command of the People’s Liberation Army( PLA) and is able of tracking satellites and bullet launches.

On Saturday, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry said the government had engaged in” expansive” consultations with” all parties concerned” with a” view to resolving the matter in a spirit of fellowship, collective trust and formative dialogue.”
It said the boat had been given authorization to dock on the condition that no scientific exploration was conducted in Sri Lankan waters.

Chinese Ship Yuan Wang
China’s research team and survey vessel team, the Yuan Wang 5, arrives at Hambantota port on August 16, 2022.

What is the Yuan Wang ship – India China News

The boat’s appearance at the Hambantota harborage was always going to be controversial– China leased the harborage from Sri Lanka in 2017 for 99 times after Colombo failed to pay debts related to the construction of the installation.

At the time, the deal raised enterprises that it would give China access to a crucial shipping route, putting it within India’s traditional sphere of influence. And the presence of a boat packed with advanced technology has made Sri Lanka’s neighbors nervous.

According to a US Defense Department report published last time, the vessel is under the command of the PLA’s Strategic Support Force( SSF),” a theater command- position association established to polarize the PLA’s strategic space, cyber, electronic, information, dispatches, and cerebral warfare operations and capabilities.”

Crew of Chinese scientific research ship Yuan Wang 5
Crew of Chinese scientific research ship Yuan Wang 5

Carl Schuster, a former US Navy captain and former director of operations at the US Pacific Command’s Joint Intelligence Center, said New Delhi’s concern about the boat’s presence in Sri Lanka was probably due to its monitoring capabilities.

” Espionage isn’t her primary charge. her primary charge is satellite shadowing and monitoring PRC rocket launches, telemetry, and satellite status. but that same capability can and frequently is employed to cover other countries’ satellite operations, downlinks and bullet telemetry,” he said.
China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Tuesday the boat is conducting scientific exploration” in agreement with transnational law.”

It” does not affect the security and profitable interests of any country, and shouldn’t be obtruded with by third parties,” spokesperson Wang Wenbin said. read here more

What is India-China tensions

The Yuan Wang 5 has come a symbol of rising pressures between India and China– both of which have financially supported Colombo as it experiences its worst fiscal extremity in decades.

India has handed pivotal backing to Sri Lanka as it suffers food, energy and drug dearth, advancing$ 4 billion in credit lines.
China is also a major creditor of Sri Lanka, and is vital to Sri Lanka’s sweats to restructure its debt to secure a bailout from the International Monetary Fund.

Relations between India and China have long been tense, however in recent times a prolonged military standoff along their participated Himalayan border has claimed dozens of lives.

Meanwhile, India has grown near to the United States in a shot to balance China’s decreasingly assertive station in the Indo- Pacific. In October, Washington and New Delhi will hold a common military exercise lower than 100 kilometers( 62 long hauls) from the disputed India- China border– further straining ties between the two nuclear-fortified powers.

In late July, India’s Ministry of Affairs prophet Arindam Bagchi expressed concern over the Chinese vessel’s visit to Sri Lanka, telling journalists the” government precisely monitors any development having a bearing on India’s security and profitable interests and takes all necessary measures to guard them.”

India-china navy officers
Both countries Navy Army Officers

On August 5, Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs transferred a letter to the Embassy of China in Colombo postponing Yuan Wang 5’s appearance” until farther consultations” had been made on the matter.

Three days latterly, without naming India, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs prophet Wang said” the brutal hindrance” in Sri Lanka’s foreign relations was” an act of taking advantage of someone when they’re in peril, which is against the introductory morals of transnational relations.” India latterly rejected claims its enterprises were the cause of detention in the boat docking, with Bagchi telling journalists last week,

” Sri Lanka is a autonomous country and makes its own independent opinions.” On Monday, India demonstrated the strength of its commitment to Sri Lanka, enduing the islet nation a surveillance aircraft in a form attended by the Sri Lankan President.

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