Pathaan Movie Interesting Facts are Following

1. Pathaan Movie is the First which will connect the Yashraj Spy Universe.

2. Pathaan is the first bollywood movie which have two Post credit scenes like marvel and DC.

3. Pathaan Movie will have the cameo of Salman Khan may be Hrithik roshan also appear

4. Pathaan movie is bollywood first movie which is recorded by IMAX camera

5. Pathaan is the shahrukh khan's comeback movie after 3 years.

6. People say that Pathaan is the team mate or friend of kabir AKA Hrithik Roshan.

7. Pathaan will also appear with the Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan in Upcoming Yash Raj Movies.

These are the some interesting facts about the Pathaan Movie

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